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VISN 21 Clinical Resource Hub Sleep Section Chief (Physician) Remote

Veterans Integrated System Network (VISN) Clinical Resource Hub (CRH) Sleep Section Chief is a VISN based leadership position located in VISN 21. The VISN 21 CRH Sleep Section Chief is under the general supervision of the VISN 21 CRH Specialty Service Chief. The VISN 21 CRH Sleep Section Chief will ensure that CRH sleep services are delivered to the sites of greatest need across VISN 21, including the Pacific Islands, Nevada and Northern/Central California. CRH services include direct clinical support to underserved facilities within the VISN, Telehealth Emergency Management (TEM) sites, non-VA sites of care, and Clinical Contact Centers. Additional requirements of the VISN 21 CRH program include the offering of graduate medical training opportunities when possible.


A CRH is a repository of clinical and administrative staff that serve all VA facilities within a VISN. Staff within a CRH are expected to provide interprofessional services to facilities that are underserved or experiencing gaps in clinical services due to the inability to match provider supply with demand. Services provided by CRH staff are conducted via multiple modalities, including telehealth and in-person care. The VISN 21 CRH Sleep Section Chief will ensure CRH Sleep services are completed at the highest standard and in alignment with national CRH standards. The VISN 21 CRH Sleep Section Chief will coordinate with various facilities and VISN offices and ensure that regulatory and quality standards are implemented across the VISN. The individual will ensure that CRH Sleep services are utilized appropriately and follow specific CRH and telehealth, and other pertinent program office policies and procedures. The VISN 21 CRH Sleep Section Chief is required to exercise a high level of organizational skill, independent judgment, problem-solving ability, and content expertise in program development and implementation. The position requires the ability to communicate effectively with field staff and VISN, CRH, and facility leadership on a variety of clinical and administrative strategic priorities. The position requires travel for purposes including, but not limited to: VISN and facility leadership training, implementation of CRH services at CRH Spoke sites and other needs as appropriate.


The following description covers the most significant duties performed but does not exclude other responsibilities that may be assigned:

Program Leadership/Administrative Duties (50%)

a. Will assist the CRH Specialty Service Chief with responsibilities as assigned for developing, organizing, and directing the VISN CRH Sleep program and CRH Sleep staff, with an emphasis on delivering services to the most underserved facilities.

b. Partner with CRH quality, analytics, and nursing colleagues to address provider-related quality, safety, and Veteran experience opportunities.   

c. Ensures efficient operations of the VISN CRH Sleep service are met and utilizes resources to ensure these operations meet the mission and goals of the VISN and national CRH program, as well as Veterans Health Administration (VHA) standards.

d. Coordinates with various facility and VISN leaders and utilizes regulatory and quality standards to develop and implement appropriate plans, policies, and procedures that define operational requirements and support the VISN CRH Sleep program.

e. Ensures that the elements and national standards of a CRH Sleep Service are met. 

f. Ensures VISN 21 CRH Sleep service aligns with standardized V21 CRH resources, including but not limited to request for service applications, scoring tools, and deployment protocols to underserved VA facilities.

g. Assists the V21 CRH Specialty Service in communicating with appropriate leadership staff on a national, VISN, and facility level to influence decision and achieve the mission and goals of the VISN CRH.

h. Assesses and responds to any complex issues or questions that may arise related to the VISN CRH Sleep program by ensuring consistent and effective communication, both orally and in writing, occurs with VISN CRH staff, as well as national, VISN, and facility leadership, as appropriate.

i. Monitors and evaluates quality performance and implements solutions to ensure programs are meeting strategic, fiscal, and business goals of the VISN CRH Sleep programs.

j. Develops monthly, quarterly, and annual progress reports for the CRH Sleep program.

k. Develops strategic plans and performance improvement activities related to the monitoring and conduction of programmatic success for the CRH Sleep program.

l. Ensures CRH Sleep program is in compliance with policies, procedures, and regulations, and reports findings to appropriate leadership and follows through with action plans to ensure resolution of any identified problems.

m. Provides education on CRH actions and activities related to the CRH Sleep program to various disciplines via multiple levels of training, including the development and maintenance of training manuals and documents, interprofessional group trainings, specific profession trainings, and one-on-one education.

Clinical Responsibilities (50%)

This position requires the incumbent to provide care as a member of the CRH Sleep Service, based on the physician’s clinical training. Most care will be provided virtually to Spoke sites. 

(1) Major Duties include but are not limited to:

a. Reviewing incoming consults to determine whether patients would benefit from care through the CRH program. Provide electronic consultation to health care professionals and other sleep specialists as appropriate. 

b. Conducting visits and providing care through telehealth (video visits to home, video visits between facilities, and asynchronous care across facilities)

c. Providing care to Veterans, which includes coordination of care. Coordination of care will be needed with the patient’s home facility and within the CRH.

d. Performing comprehensive evaluations of patients presenting with sleep disorders and managing patients with sleep disorders.

e. Order, administer, and interpret physiological, psychological, behavioral, and cognitive tests.

f. Determine when appropriate physiological, behavioral, and psychological interventions are necessary to treat the comprehensive range of sleep disorders and related health conditions.

g. Prescribe medications within defined scope of practice.

h. Initiate, respond, and expedite request for consultations, special tests, and studies.

i. Provide education and counseling for patients and families in preventive care, medical conditions, and use of prescribed treatments and drugs.

j. As appropriate, participate in interprofessional focused patient chart reviews, team meetings, team huddles, and shared medical appointments.

Applicant may have primary residency / fellowship training in pulmonary, neurology, family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, otolaryngology, or anesthesiology and utilize primary training in sleep related work. The applicant should have completed an accredited sleep medicine fellowship and be board certified or board eligible in the specialty of Sleep Medicine.

Preferred Experience:

  • 2 years of supervisory experience
  • 1 year experience with telehealth
  • 1 year experience reading home sleep studies (HSAT) and in lab sleep studies (PSG)
  • 1 year experience at a VA

For immediate consideration, please email a cover letter and CV to

Job ID: 72864003

Please refer to the company's website or job descriptions to learn more about them.

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